About Joe Redd

Countertenor Joe Redd

Joe Redd has been reviewed by Brooklyn Discovery as singing “as beautiful as a songbird with superb coloratura, embellishments and panache.” He regularly appears in opera, oratorio, and recital performances in a variety of roles. Notable soloist roles include Orpheus in Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, Honegger’s King David, and Händel’s Chandos Anthem No. 10.

Joe Redd provides solo singing services for opera, oratorio, and recital music organizers. He advises them on repertoire and how to maximize their performances. Joe also offers studio recording services. Other services Joe Redd offers include singing for funeral and wedding occasions, performing as a church chorus ringer, and consulting music performers on musicianship.

Benefits of using Joe Redd’s services include uniqueness of sound, audience engagement, professionalism, and career experience.

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